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My mission is to go on your route to success together with you and to be there for you whenever you need help.

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What Qualifies Me To Talk About Fitness & Nutrition?

ASFA Certificate - Daniel Huppertz Part One
ASFA Certificate - Daniel Huppertz Part Two

I’m working as a personal trainer in Germany and I successfully completed the “Personal Training” course of the American Sports & Fitness Association (ASFA).

Eventually, it’s all about YOU! You should be in good hands when working towards your personal fitness goals and that’s what I’m here for.

Your success is my mission!

No matter what your experience level is – beginner, intermediate or advanced – we will provide you with daily tips on all categories related to fitness & bodybuilding to help you along your way to achieving the best version of yourself.

Read more about my personal story below and how I came to this awesome sports of fitness and mental strength!

My Personal Story

It all started for me around 13 years ago. A good friend of mine introduced me to the sports of lifting weights while we were at a party. I laughed at him because I thought: “What kind of sports is this where you just do weightlifting but nothing else?!”

Yes, I laughed but I still gave it a chance. So I went to our local gym and started lifting some weights too and I immediately liked it. Bringing your body to its limits in a controlled way was something totally new for me.

So I signed my membership at my local gym and started to lift weights for three times per week. But after three months I realized that I didn’t see any results in the mirror. But I couldn’t know better as I’ve been new to this sports but what I did wrong was ignoring nutrition and ignoring a real workout plan. I just came to the gym and each day I did the same 4-6 isolation exercises. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t do any compound exercises and I didn’t care about nutrition. So after three months I gave up and stopped lifting weights.

A few months later I thought: “Man what are you doing? I liked lifting weights so there must be a way for me to be successful too…!”

So I started to take things more seriously. I did my research and I contacted a coach to guide me. That’s when things started to become better for me. I received my first real workout plan. At that time it was a full body workout as I went to the gym three times a week and at my current level it was the best bet for me to start with a full body workout.

Additionally, I received my first real nutrition plan and I learned a lot about calories and macros like protein, carbs and fats. That was the first time when I also realized that there are so many wrong myths about bodybuilding and nutrition out there.

…I Did My Research And Contacted A Coach To Guide Me…

So, with my new workout and nutrition plan my motivation was extremely high because I thought that now I have figured it all out. But that was just the beginning and my entry into this sports. So afterwards I know that there was so much more to learn at that point for me.

I started to become stronger and I noticed my muscles are developing. So now I was on the right path but still at the beginning.

What I was still doing outside of the sports of lifting weights was partying hard. Every weekend we were at a party, drinking alcohol and eating very bad amounts of food. So what I did wrong was eating clean from Monday to Thursday but then ruining all my progress from Friday to Sunday.

That’s why my body still became stronger but the look into the mirror was not what I expected and not what I worked for. So I started to learn another “aha-effect” as I thought about what I’m still doing wrong.

I talked a lot to my coach during that time because he was already there where I wanted to be. And he helped me again to reach new levels for myself.

I changed my workout frequency from three times per week to five times per week. All while changing my full body workout routine to an advanced one called PPL (“Push-Pull-Legs”). This plan divides your workout routine into three splits. This allows you to hit the gym five days in a row while still giving your muscles enough time to rest. I’m still using this PPL routine today. I’m only changing some exercises every few weeks but the main routine stays the same.

…I Started To Become Stronger And I Noticed My Muscles Are Developing…

And what I also did was adding all important compound exercises instead of focusing on isolation exercises too much.

But what’s more important was that I also changed my relationship to food and alcohol.

I completely stopped drinking alcohol at parties. I’m still going at parties but I’m limiting myself to one or two drinks per evening (yes, it’s possible to do that and get lean at the same time 😊).

Additionally, I started to do better on weekends regarding nutrition. So I stopped ruining all my progress within just three days. I changed my total daily calories into a calorie deficit of 500 kcal per day and that was the time when things started to get serious for me. I went from 18% to 8% bodyfat in just four months while keeping all my muscle mass. And I was able to get that lean body I always dreamed of.

Since that time I’m consistently working out five times per week and I’m very consistent when it comes to nutrition.

I’m getting stronger each week and that’s not just my body. I’m also getting stronger mentally which is a priceless accomplishment that you will receive when working out.

But when looking back at my 13 years of weight lifting I have to say that I needed three or four years to figure out how things are done the correct way and that’s exactly what I want to save you from.

Take a huge shortcut to reach your goals much faster and easier.

Save months and years of failure and common mistakes by applying what works – immediately from day 1 of your fitness journey.

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Thank you!

Daniel Huppertz